Nationally-recognized, Cincinnati-native rock band TO NO END has been shaking the airwaves since 2012 with “psychogressive” roots rock. They’ve independently released three eclectic hard-rock albums, a Hollywood-produced music video, and have shared the stage with nationally-touring acts. TO NO END has been featured in a myriad of indie spotlights, publications, and is played on free-format radio stations all over the United States.

The members include: Nick Dellaposta (Vocals and Guitar), Eli Booth (Bass), Grant Evans (Vocals and Guitar), Patrick Lanham (Drums and Percussion)



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Released Aug 2015

  1. The Afterlife II (The Underworld)
  2. Twisted Knives
  3. Shatter
  4. Everybody Talks
  5. Trash Day
  6. Like Hell
  7. Play That Card
  8. Chile Please (No Return)
  9. Satellite
  10. Twisted Knives II
  11. Bridge
  12. Terrace
  13. Trash Day II
  14. Hinterland Empire
  15. Soul Poison
  16. Heart Of Stone

The Paracosm Continues…

Aug 2015, TO NO END unleashed their third crossover album titled "Remora". With "Remora", TO NO END has created a two-disc musical epoxy hardened by equal-parts soulful roots and aggressive rock inventiveness. As a sequel to "Peril & Paracosm, "Remora" is comprised of two distinct musical odysseys which develop themes from their earlier work while breaking new sonic-ground.

Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16 written by Nick Dellaposta. Tracks 3, 4 and 9 written by Grant Evans. Track 14 written by Nick Dellaposta and Grant Evans. Guitars and vocals by Nick Dellaposta and Grant Evans. Bass by Eli Booth except tracks 7, 11 and 13 by Evan Wirtley, Steve Falearos and Nick Dellaposta. Drums by David Nester except tracks 4, 7, 10, 12 and 15 by Patrick Lanham. Keyboard by Jack Nuttall. Harmonica by Eli Booth. Mandolin by Nick Dellaposta. Produced by TO NO END. Recorded at Hinterland Empire and Babblefish Recording Studios. Mixed and mastered at Babblefish Recording Studios. Artwork by Nick Dellaposta.

SFI Records


Released Jan 2014

  1. The Afterlife
  2. Bad Apple
  3. Lay Awake And Dream
  4. Good Intentions
  5. Leave Yourself Alone
  6. When The Time Comes
  7. Heavy Rain
  8. Head Up High
  9. Said I'd Become
  10. Nothing To Lose
  11. If You Only Knew

Peril & Paracosm

In 2014 TO NO END released a darker, more conceptual album titled "Peril & Paracosm". The album expanded their genre-bending sound into new realms and showcased the band’s extremely tightened musicianship which in turn has made their live show a spectacular sight to see. In 2014, TO NO END opened for Beware of Darkness and released their second music video for "The Afterlife" the single from their sophomore album.

Like their first album, "Peril & Paracosm" pulls musical influences from many genres. A unified theme runs through the 11 tracks of the album which is considerably darker than it’s predecessor. Peril & Paracosm blasts off heavy with "The Afterlife", "Bad Apple" and "Lay Awake and Dream" and then begins to work in rootsier tracks like "Good Intentions", "Said I'd Become" "When The Time Comes" and "Heavy Rain". The album also contains a few almost-psychedelic moments with lush whale-like soundscapes on the song "Head Up High" and souring guitar solos on "If You Only Knew".

The Afterlife

On May 9th, TO NO END released a music video for “The Afterlife”. In addition to being played online, the song has been picked up on non-commercial, college, free-format, and other terrestrial radio stations all over the America. The premier of the video coincided with a weeklong featured artist spot on ReverbNation, a leading provider of tools and resources for over 2.7 million musicians and industry professionals around the world. “The Afterlife” was selected for the weeklong artist feature.

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 written by Nick Dellaposta. Tracks 7 and 9 written by Grant Evans. Tracks 3 and 11 written by Nick Dellaposta and Grant Evans. Piano and organ by Jerry Hughes. All tracks performed and arranged by TO NO END. Produced by Steve Falearos and TO NO END. Recorded at Babblefish Studios by Steve Falearos and Dustin Ryan. Mixed and mastered by Steve Falearos. ©2013 Nick Dellaposta (BMI). All rights reserved.




Released Jan 2013

  1. Somethin' Wrong With You
  2. Oughta Be A Law
  3. Whose Side Are You On?
  4. Hear Me Out
  5. Got The Fire Started
  6. Never You Mind
  7. Idle Hands
  8. Tie Up Your Loose Ends
  9. I've Been Thinkin'
  10. Long Ass Time
  11. Come To This
  12. Innocence In A Sense


TO NO END released their debut album "Curio" in January of 2013. The aggressive roots-rock record garnered the band attention from national reviewers, received airplay across the nation, and gave birth to a Hollywood-produced music video for the single "Somethin' Wrong With You" which debuted on Writer/Director Kevin Smith's SModCo Internet Television in May 2013 and featured a cameo appearance by actor Jason Mewes.

All songs written and arranged by Nick Dellaposta. Horns for “Oughta be a Law” and “Innocence in a Sense” arranged by Robb Macfarlane. Produced by Nick Dellaposta and Steve Falearos. Recorded, mixed and engineered by Steve Falearos at Babblefish Recording Studios in Franklin, OH. Mastered by Tardon Feathered at Mr. Toad’s Mastering in San Fransisco, CA.


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