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Nationally-recognized, Cincinnati-native rock band TO NO END has been shaking the airwaves since 2012. They've released two eclectic hard-rock albums, and a pair of music videos, one of which included appearances by several Hollywood actors and was syndicated via SModCo. The band has been featured in countless blogs, publications, and indie spotlights including Cincinnati's 96ROCK, Buckeye Music Magazine, Propulsion Magazine, and CityBeat. TO NO END continues to write, tour, and do radio performances across the midwest while ceaselessly developing their craft.

Peril & Paracosm

A year after the release of their first album TO NO END released a more conceptual album titled "Peril & Paracosm" which expanded their genre-bending sound into all new realms and showcased the band's extremely tightened musicianship which has developed to make their live shows that much more entertaining. In May of 2014 The band released an accompanying music video for "The Afterlife".

"Peril & Paracosm" was released in January of 2014. Like their first album "Curio", "Peril & Paracosm" pulls musical influences from many genres. There is a unified theme that runs through the 11 tracks of this album that is considerably darker than "Curio". The album starts off heavy with songs like "The Afterlife", "Bad Apple" and "Lay Awake and Dream" and then begins to work in rootsier tracks like "Good Intentions", "Said I'd Become" "When The Time Comes" and "Heavy Rain". The album also contains a few almost-psychedelic moments with lush whale-like soundscapes on the song "Head Up High" and souring guitar solos at the end of the song "If You Only Knew".

  1. The Afterlife
  2. Bad Apple
  3. Lay Awake And Dream
  4. Good Intentions
  5. Leave Yourself Alone
  6. When The Time Comes
  7. Heavy Rain
  8. Head Up High
  9. Said I’d Become
  10. Nothing To Lose
  11. If You Only Knew
Peril & Paracosm


TO NO END released their first album "Curio" in January of 2013. The aggressive roots-rock record garnered the band attention from national reviewers, received airplay across the nation, and gave birth to a Hollywood-produced music video for the single "Somethin' Wrong With You" which debuted on Writer/Director Kevin Smith's SModCo Internet Television in May 2013.

In 2012 Dellaposta began preproduction on the debut album "Curio" by scoring the arrangements and rehearsing the material with Mike Clark (guitar) Patrick Lanham (drums) and Evan Wirtley (bass). The four played their first gig in June of 2012 in Dayton, Ohio and went into the studio shortly after. Throughout the recording process a host of additional guest musicians contributed to the project including Bill Dixon (trumpet), Grant Evans (guitar), Steve Falearos (bass, guitar, percussion), Jerry Hughes (organ, piano), Robb Macfarlane (trombone), Bryan Osborne (bass), and Scott Snyder (saxophone).

Curio” was released in January 2013 and although it is very much a hard-rock album, influences from blues and other roots music are often apparent in everything from song structure and technique to the lyrical content. Watch the song-by-song album review below.

  1. Somethin’ Wrong With You 2:39
  2. Oughta Be A Law 2:45
  3. Whose Side Are You On? 2:40
  4. Hear Me Out 4:27
  5. Got The Fire Started 3:52
  6. Never You Mind 4:51
  7. Idle Hands 3:39
  8. Tie Up Your Loose Ends 3:30
  9. I’ve Been Thinkin’ 3:34
  10. Long Ass Time 4:09
  11. Come To This 3:27
  12. Innocence In A Sense 4:50

All songs written and arranged by Nick Dellaposta. Horns for “Oughta be a Law” and “Innocence in a Sense” arranged by Robb Macfarlane. Produced by Nick Dellaposta and Steve Falearos. Recorded, mixed and engineered by Steve Falearos at Babblefish Recording Studios in Franklin, OH. Mastered by Tardon Feathered at Mr. Toad’s Mastering in San Fransisco, CA.


TO NO END was formed in early 2012 by frontman and guitarist, Nick Dellaposta in the Cincinnati/Dayton OH area. Dellaposta, 28 an art school graduate and son of blues musician Bob Dellaposta started playing guitar and writing songs at fourteen. In college he started gigging regularly with Bob Dellaposta and the Broken String Band as a guitarist and backup vocalist, contributing to two recordings and getting the opportunity to open for several national acts.

The band released a music video for the song Somethin’ Wrong With You in March of 2013 featuring Shannon Mary Dixon (Hughes the Force, Dead Grandma) and a special guest appearance by actor Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie). The video was directed by J.C. Reifenberg, and produced by Josh Roush of |Absolute Value| Pictures in Los Angeles, CA. The video debuted on SModCo Internet Television (S.I.T.) a YouTube brand channel created by Writer/Director Kevin Smith in May 2012. Somethin’ Wrong With You was the channel’s first music video.

The band is made up of seasoned 20-something's that blend the genres of blues, alt-country, grunge, pop, and progressive rock into an accessible alternative concoction that yields a little something for everyone.

The members include:

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